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SmartWriter AI: Your Ultimate Personalized Cold Email Solution

Supercharge your outreach process with SmartWriter's AI-powered cold emailer tool. Generate thousands of personalized emails that deliver an 8x increase in responses within minutes. Sign up now for a 7-day free trial with permanently discounted access.

Pricing: Paid,$49/mo
Semrush rank: 731.3k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jan. 2021


  • Hyper-Personalized Cold Email Outreach: Leverage SmartWriter’s AI tool, including a LinkedIn Chrome extension and deep enrichment, to craft hyper-personalized cold emails that stand out.
  • Automated SEO Backlink Outreach: Enhance email personalization by incorporating recent news and article mentions, company case studies, past work, and fixing broken links for improved SEO.
  • AI-Driven Social Media Content Generation: Let SmartWriter’s AI tool create engaging social media content and personalized LinkedIn outreach messages based on users’ recent activity, recommendations, achievements, and bio/job description.
  • SmartWriter University: Access valuable resources like ‘The Ultimate Cold Email Guide,’ ‘Acquire 5k Users In 12 Weeks,’ and ‘Blog for Success’ to excel in your outreach efforts.

Use Cases:

  • Close More Deals: Generate thousands of hyper-personalized cold emails with a single click using SmartWriter’s AI tool and capture more leads to close deals effectively.
  • Maximize Your ROI: Automate your entire outreach process to save 6x in costs and 40x in time compared to manual efforts, ensuring you make serious gains.

SmartWriter AI redefines your outreach process, allowing you to create hyper-personalized cold emails faster and more cost-effectively than human efforts. Start your journey with a 7-day free trial and secure permanently discounted access to this powerful tool today, no credit card required.

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