Sidechat AI

SideChat AI: Your Instant Access AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT

Experience the efficiency of SideChat, harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT to offer quick, smart, and convenient assistance directly within your browser tab. Built upon the fastest and latest ChatGPT model, SideChat provides seamless interaction by accessing OpenAI's ChatGPT API, eliminating the need to switch contexts. SideChat is also committed to ensuring your data privacy.

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  • Instant Access: SideChat is just one click or key press away, accessible anytime in any browser tab.
  • Data Privacy: Prioritizing your data privacy, SideChat does not collect any additional data.
  • Specialized Assistance: Choose a specialized assistant or stick with the default ChatGPT assistant, offering flexibility.
  • Responsive UI: Crafted atop ChatGPT’s data, SideChat’s UI can display structured data and code snippets.
  • Instantaneous Streamlines: SideChat automatically streams ChatGPT’s responses, ensuring real-time interaction without delays.

Use Cases:

  • Answering Queries: SideChat provides instant answers to queries without losing the current browsing context.
  • Task Management: With unique assistants for different tasks, SideChat efficiently helps in managing and performing tasks.
  • Learning and Development: Leverage SideChat’s ability to display structured data and code snippets for learning and development needs.

SideChat delivers real-time assistance powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, directly in your browser tab. Combining speed, accessibility, customizability, and user privacy, SideChat provides an enhanced user experience.

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