Linguify News: Learn Language through Web Browsing and AI-Tested News Analysis

Linguify News combines the power of Duolingo Ninja, a browser extension for language learning through website translations, with ShitFilter.News, an AI-driven news analysis tool. Enhance your language skills while staying informed about global news trends effortlessly.

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  • Simultaneous Learning: Duolingo Ninja allows you to seamlessly learn a new language while browsing the web, making language acquisition an integral part of your online experience.
  • Translation Services: Quickly translate text on websites with Duolingo Ninja, ensuring you grasp the meaning of content in your target language instantly.
  • AI News Analysis: ShitFilter.News employs advanced AI to filter and explain major news trends, offering a comprehensive and insightful analysis of current affairs worldwide.

Use Cases:

  • Language Learning: Ideal for individuals who want to learn a new language effortlessly while navigating the web for various content.
  • Current Affairs Understanding: Perfect for staying informed on the go, ShitFilter.News provides in-depth AI-curated analysis of major news trends for a comprehensive understanding of current affairs.

In summary, Linguify News transforms your web experience into an interactive language learning journey with Duolingo Ninja, while ShitFilter.News offers AI-curated insights into global news trends. Turn the web into your classroom and stay informed effortlessly.

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