ChatUML: Simplifying Diagramming and Chatting

Explore ChatUML, the platform that seamlessly combines diagram creation for user flows with an integrated chatting experience. Forget about the need for an OpenAI key—ChatUML delivers all the benefits without the hassle. Sign up now and receive 10 free AI credits, allowing you to access and utilize the platform anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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  • No OpenAI Key Required: ChatUML removes the requirement for an OpenAI key while providing all the advantages.
  • 10 Free Credits: Receive 10 complimentary AI credits upon signing up for ChatUML.
  • Access Anywhere: Create and access your diagrams effortlessly on any device, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Use Cases:

  • User Registration Flow Diagram: Effortlessly craft user registration flow diagrams with the user-friendly capabilities of ChatUML.
  • Code Editing: Utilize the code editing feature without incurring any credit cost, enhancing your development experience.

Embark on your journey with ChatUML, where diagram creation and chatting seamlessly converge. Experience the convenience of an inbuilt AI bot to enhance your workflow.

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