Scholarcy: AI-Powered Summarizing Tool and Flashcard Generator

Discover Scholarcy, the AI-powered online article summarizer tool designed to break down research articles, reports, and book chapters into easily digestible sections. Extracting key facts, figures, and references, it creates a personal summarized research library for efficient knowledge consumption.

Pricing: Freemium,$7.99/mo
Semrush rank: 191.7k
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Saves you hundreds of hours: Identify crucial information like study participants, data analyses, main findings, and limitations with Scholarcy, reducing study appraisal time by over 70%. It swiftly extracts key facts, figures, and references, generating a summary ‘flashcard’ for any article, report, or document.
  • Builds you a personal summarized research library: Scholarcy’s Chrome and Edge browser extension collaborates with open-access repositories such as arXiv, biorXiv, and OSF Preprints. It seamlessly integrates with Scholarcy Library, a subscription service constructing a searchable collection of your summary cards.

Use Cases:

  • Researchers and students: Empower researchers and students to swiftly assess a document’s importance to their work with Scholarcy’s summary ‘flashcard.’ It efficiently provides key information, including study participants, data analyses, main findings, and limitations. Additionally, it rapidly extracts essential facts, figures, and references.
  • Academic institutions: Enhance the learning potential of neurodivergent students in Higher Education with Scholarcy. It aids focus, organization, and confidence, making it a valuable tool for academic institutions supporting student growth and success.

Scholarcy stands as a robust online tool, saving users extensive time by summarizing research materials into easily digestible sections. It not only constructs a personal summarized research library but also provides links to open-access versions of cited sources. Benefiting researchers, students, and academic institutions, Scholarcy has garnered positive testimonials globally.

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