Scene Dreamer

SceneDreamer: Boundless 3D World Generation from 2D Images

Unlock the world of limitless creativity with SceneDreamer, an unconditional generative model that transforms ordinary 2D images into a captivating array of 3D landscapes.

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  • Efficient 3D Scene Representation: SceneDreamer employs an innovative bird’s-eye-view representation, featuring efficient height and semantic fields, delivering complex, yet structured geometry and semantics.
  • Generative Neural Hash Grid: The power of a neural hash grid is harnessed to parameterize the latent space, incorporating versatile features across scenes and aligning content based on scene semantics and 3D positioning.
  • Style-Modulated Renderer: Dive into the realm of creativity with the style-modulated renderer, which masterfully combines latent features, resulting in photorealistic 2D images through volume rendering.

Use Cases:

  • Endless 3D World Generation: SceneDreamer has the prowess to craft expansive 3D scenes with a wide spectrum of landscapes and the freedom of unrestricted camera movement, all fueled by random inputs.
  • 3D World Synthesis from 2D Imagery: Harnessing the potential of unstructured 2D image collections, SceneDreamer crafts vivid and diversified 3D worlds, all achieved without the need for 3D annotations.

SceneDreamer excels in crafting an extensive array of realistic and diverse 3D scenes, outperforming established state-of-the-art methods.

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