SaleWhale - Elevate Your Sales and Service with AI Live Chat

Transform your sales and customer service dynamics with SaleWhale, the pioneering AI chatbot that delivers a human-like conversation experience.

Pricing: Paid,$40/mo
Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Canada
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • 100% Automated: Experience the convenience of a fully automated AI chatbot, ensuring immediate assistance for your website visitors without the wait for a human response.
  • Intuitive Analytics: Harness the power of intuitive analytics provided by our AI chatbot, offering valuable insights into customer behavior to enhance your sales and customer service strategies.

Use Cases:

  • Reduce Bounce Rate: Combat bounce rates by incorporating live chats on your website, engaging visitors and promptly addressing their queries for a more satisfying experience.
  • Customer Support: Boost satisfaction rates, decrease churn, and retain customers by offering immediate assistance through live chats.
  • Increase Revenue: Elevate revenue by 67% with live chats that engage visitors and enhance sales conversion rates.

SaleWhale offers budget-friendly pricing plans catering to businesses of all sizes, from startups to global corporations. With its AI chatbot, businesses can enhance sales and customer service, delivering a seamless and engaging experience to visitors.

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