Rokoko Video: Free AI Motion Capture Tool

Upload a video or use your webcam with our free AI-powered motion capture tool and animation editor.

Semrush rank: 114.9k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jul. 1999


  • Accessible AI mocap: A simple 3-step process, start animating characters in minutes
  • Record mocap animations for free: No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits – 100% free
  • View and clean up mocap data in Studio: Use Rokoko Studio, our free software, to view and clean up the mocap data
  • Upload video files for mocap capture: Upload your archive footage and achieve mocap capture
  • Export mocap data to .FBX or .BVH: Choose a skeleton and use the file directly in your 3D tool of choice
  • Try out free AI mocap: No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits – 100% free
  • Upgrade to inertial mocap: Level up from video-based AI mocap to best-in-class sensor-based mocap tools

Use Cases:

  • Watch the Rokoko use case: Mocap tools for digital creators in animation, film, VFX, game, AR & VR development, and academia & education

Rokoko Video unlocks motion capture for everyone, from creators just starting out to studio animators looking for a quick way to pre-visualize ideas.

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