Rokoko: Making Motion Capture Easy and Affordable for Character Animation

Discover Rokoko's wide array of motion capture tools for character animation, designed to be both user-friendly and cost-effective. Empowering digital creators to seamlessly integrate this technology into their projects.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jul. 1999


  • Real-time Quality Mocap: Access real-time tracking and motion capture capabilities for body, finger, and facial movements. Record animations or stream them directly into your preferred 3D software tools.
  • Full Performance Capture: Dive into immersive storytelling with the Full Performance Capture bundle, comprising the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves, and Face Capture tools. Achieve top-notch mocap results.
  • Worldwide Tracked Delivery: Enjoy prompt worldwide delivery within 48 hours for all Rokoko products, ensuring you receive the necessary tools swiftly and efficiently.

Use Cases:

  • Animation, Film & VFX: Rokoko’s motion capture tools cater perfectly to animators, filmmakers, and VFX artists who aspire to seamlessly integrate motion capture into their projects for lifelike movement and animations.
  • Game, AR & VR Development: Developers aiming to create high-quality games, AR, and VR experiences can rely on Rokoko’s motion capture tools to capture realistic movements for their characters and scenarios.
  • Academia & Education: Educational institutions can take advantage of up to 30% savings on Rokoko’s motion capture tools, facilitating students’ learning about motion capture and its integration into their studies.

If you’re a digital creator in search of affordable and user-friendly motion capture tools for character animation, Rokoko has you covered. With real-time quality mocap, full performance capture, and expedited worldwide delivery, Rokoko simplifies the adoption of motion capture in your projects.

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