Resoundly - Streamline Podcast Creation Without Recording

Craft your next podcast effortlessly by typing your content, and let Resoundly convert it to speech. No need for microphones, audio software, or re-recording your mistakes.

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  • Exceptionally Intuitive Podcast Editor: Use our easy-to-navigate text editor to create your perfect podcast. When ready, seamlessly convert your text to audio with a simple click. You can even paste your existing blog post, and Resoundly’s AI will produce the audio.
  • Include Audio Snippets, Songs, Tunes, Jingles…: With our intuitive editor, upload audio files and place them anywhere within your episode. Whether it’s an intro jingle or a recorded audio snippet, you have the freedom to enhance your podcast with diverse audio elements.
  • Voices in Multiple Languages, Accents, Genders & Tones: Choose from a variety of voices with Australian, British, United States, or Indian accents, covering numerous languages and tones.
  • Single Click Text-to-Speech: At any point in your writing process, click the ‘Produce’ button to instantly convert your text to speech.
  • Podcast Hosting & Analytics: Resoundly provides all the tools you need to kickstart your podcast quickly. Benefit from state-of-the-art cloud storage and content delivery networks, ensuring superior uptime and availability.
  • Host Unlimited Shows & Episodes: Create as many podcast shows and episodes as you’d like. With no charges per show, unleash your creative potential without limitations.
  • Invite the Whole Team: Explore team plans on Resoundly, inviting your team to collaboratively create, edit, manage, and promote your podcasts.

Use Cases:

  • Create a Podcast without a Recording Setup: Resoundly simplifies podcast creation by allowing users to type content and convert it into a podcast using text-to-speech conversion. No need for microphones or audio software.
  • Multiple Voices in Different Languages: Choose from a variety of voices, accents, genders, and tones in multiple languages to create a diverse and engaging podcast.
  • Intuitive Podcast Editor: Utilize the user-friendly podcast editor to easily upload audio files, paste existing blog posts, and convert them into audio files seamlessly.

Resoundly is a hassle-free platform for creating podcasts without requiring any recording setup. It provides an intuitive podcast editor, multiple voice options in different languages, and straightforward podcast hosting and analytics tools. With Resoundly, users can focus solely on their podcast content without worrying about technical logistics.

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