Reflect: Revolutionizing Testing with AI

Discover the power of Reflect's AI testing platform – where creating and maintaining automated end-to-end tests is a breeze. Boost test coverage and catch bugs seamlessly without impeding development speed.

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Release time: Mar. 2019


  • Automated Regression Testing, Simplified: Craft tests that are effortlessly maintainable with Reflect’s AI-assisted testing platform. Elevate test coverage and detect more bugs without compromising development velocity.
  • For Developers: Generate end-to-end test suites 10 times faster than code-based regression software like Selenium and Cypress. Enjoy the benefits of automated testing minus the distraction of flaky tests.
  • For Product Experts: Empower Designers, Product Managers, and Customer Support professionals to create automated tests without developer involvement, thanks to Reflect’s user-friendly no-code tool.
  • For QA Testers: Reduce a 10-minute manual test to under 30 seconds with Reflect, liberating QA testers from repetitive manual testing and saving valuable hours each day.
  • Create Robust End-to-End Tests Without Code: Simplify the process of crafting end-to-end tests by utilizing the browser as the interface, all without the need for installation.
  • Catch Bugs with Visual Testing: Leverage Reflect’s visual testing features to identify visual regressions before they reach users, ensuring confidence in every release.
  • End-to-End Test Coverage on Every Deployment: Integrate seamlessly with popular CI/CD solutions like Jenkins and CircleCI, facilitating automatic execution of end-to-end tests with every deployment.
  • Build Maintainable Test Suites: Combine the ease of a no-code, scriptless testing tool with the precision of a code-based tool, making test suites more manageable and maintainable.
  • Fast and Parallel Test Execution: Experience swift test runs with support for parallelism, even for extensive test suites. All plans include unlimited test runs.
  • Get Started with Reflect Today: Initiate your first test in just 2 minutes with no installation or setup required. Propel your testing efforts with maintainable test suites, all without writing a single line of code.

Use Cases:

  • Developers: Craft end-to-end test suites faster and eliminate flaky tests from the equation.
  • Product Experts: Automate tests effortlessly without relying on developers, thanks to Reflect’s intuitive no-code tool.
  • QA Testers: Execute manual tests swiftly and in parallel, saving valuable time and effort.

Reflect stands as the pinnacle of AI testing platforms, simplifying automated end-to-end testing, amplifying test coverage, and ensuring bug-free releases. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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