Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me - Your Gateway to a Consistent Metaverse Identity

Craft your unique 3D avatar and navigate diverse virtual realms with a consistent identity using Ready Player Me. Tailor your avatar with an extensive array of options and secure limited NFTs to truly own your distinctive look.

Pricing: Freemium,$ 0.16
Semrush rank: 64.3k
Location: Iceland
Release time: Mar. 2017


  • Exclusive NFT Ownership: Secure limited NFTs for your avatar, offering the ability to trade or sell them on a marketplace of your choice, adding rarity and exclusivity to your virtual identity.
  • Effortless Avatar Creation: Fashion your personalized VRChat avatar effortlessly by uploading a selfie or selecting from pre-made avatars. Dive into a world of customization with hundreds of options and anticipate future importation of your NFTs.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Ready Player Me into your product within a day, free of charge. Benefit from seven years of avatar system perfection, allowing you to focus on delivering immersive experiences to your users.

Use Cases:

  • Metaverse Passport: Forge your avatar and embark on virtual adventures with a consistent identity. Utilize your avatar across 9250+ supported apps and games, ensuring a seamless metaverse experience.
  • Tailor Your Identity: Select from over 300 customization options to curate a distinct avatar that mirrors your unique personality and style.

Ready Player Me stands as the comprehensive solution for establishing a unified virtual identity across diverse games and apps within the metaverse. With limitless customization possibilities and the opportunity to own and trade limited edition NFTs for your avatar, Ready Player Me caters to both casual users and developers aiming to craft immersive and personalized experiences.

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