RankPress.io - Empowering WordPress 'Google Snippets + PAA' and WooCommerce 'Amazon Affiliate' Autoblogging with ChatGPT/OpenAI AI!

RankPress.io is an innovative SaaS platform that harnesses the power of ChatGPT/OpenAI artificial intelligence to provide automated WordPress 'Google Snippets + PAA' and WooCommerce 'Amazon Affiliate' Autoblogging.

Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2020


  • WooCommerce Showcase: Effortlessly create WooCommerce-based Amazon Affiliate websites. Import Amazon products, scrape ASIN IDs, product images, weight, size, descriptions, and prices. Automatically generate product categories. Compatible with all 20 Amazon Global Marketplaces, enabling product imports from any foreign marketplace. Use Translation APIs to auto-translate and OpenAI to paraphrase and summarize product descriptions. Includes product-related YouTube videos and PAA Questions & Answers, all optimized with OpenAI and translation support.
  • WordPress Showcase: Craft unique AI-powered WordPress autoblogs by scraping Google search result snippets and PAA Questions & Answers. Enjoy complete flexibility in structuring blog posts, including the addition of relevant YouTube videos and Google Images. Works seamlessly with various input keywords and languages, supported by Translation APIs. Specify the preferred country/locale for your Google search engine, greatly enhancing the uniqueness of your scraped SERP results. Benefit from OpenAI-generated Blog Titles, tags, and categories, intelligently derived from blog post context. Create autoblogs in 110+ supported languages.
  • Agile Customization: Unlock endless possibilities with Template & Task Manager settings, allowing every SaaS user to add a unique touch to their blog creation process. Generate autoblogs in multiple languages, with support for 27 languages using Deepl API, 110+ languages with NLP API, and 10+ languages with OpenAI API. Customize all OpenAI prompt and model settings directly from the user interface. Leverage WordPress and WooCommerce template variables like {snippet}, {youtube_video}, {paa_question}, {paa_answer}, {image}, and more.

Use Cases:

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing: RankPress.io simplifies the creation of Amazon affiliate websites, enabling automatic product imports from Amazon Global Marketplaces. It offers translation into over 110 languages for product descriptions, automatic category creation, and the inclusion of affiliate tags. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates product-related PAA and YouTube videos.
  • Auto Blogging: RankPress.io empowers bloggers to create AI-enhanced, unique WordPress blogs that utilize Google snippets and PAA questions and answers. It provides full customization of blog post structure and generates OpenAI-powered Blog Titles, tags, and categories. The platform is language-flexible and ideal for generating unique SERP results.

RankPress.io is a highly adaptable platform that simplifies the creation of Amazon affiliate websites and AI-driven WordPress autoblogs. It supports over 110 languages and offers a potent solution for enhancing SEO and effortlessly generating top-notch content.

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