RadioGPT™: Elevate Your Radio Experience with AI-Driven Personalized Content

Immerse yourself in the world's first localized radio content, crafted entirely by artificial intelligence. RadioGPT™ seamlessly integrates GPT-4 technology with AI voices to provide a uniquely tailored and engaging radio experience.

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Location: Paris,France
Release time: Sep. 2014


  • Localized News, Weather, and Traffic Reports: Experience real-time, localized news, weather, and traffic reports, personalized to enhance your listening journey with the power of RadioGPT™ AI.
  • AI-Hosted Shows with Multiple Voices: Select from a variety of AI voices to host your shows, creating distinctive and entertaining breaks that captivate your audience’s attention.
  • Automate Digital Content with AI: Effortlessly automate your digital content using Futuri’s POST podcasting AI and social publishing tools, enhancing efficiency in content creation and delivery.

Use Cases:

  • Spec Spots and Liners: Effortlessly generate spec spots or liners by leveraging lifelike AI clones of your station’s talent, adding a personal touch to your promotional content.
  • Entertaining Talk Breaks: Enjoy dynamic talk breaks crafted by RadioGPT™ moments before airtime, providing entertaining conversations between AI voices that keep your audience engaged.
  • Engaging Show Hosting: Harness the power of RadioGPT™ to conduct interviews with notable guests, share news updates, organize contests, and create captivating breaks for an engaging show.

RadioGPT™ delivers a revolutionary radio experience, combining AI prowess with personalized content, lifelike AI voices, and automated digital tools. It’s a game-changer for broadcasters seeking to elevate their radio programming.

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