Quandri: Revolutionizing Automation for Insurance Brokers

Quandri introduces personalized digital workers to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks within insurance brokerages. By eliminating manual work, it enables your team to concentrate on more value-added activities.

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  • Automated Repetitive Processes: Quandri streamlines repetitive processes, eradicating 15% of human errors. Digital workers take charge of these tasks, empowering your personnel to focus on more strategic responsibilities.
  • Impressive Cost Savings: Quandri delivers up to 80% average cost savings per process, liberating resources for other crucial business areas.
  • Heightened Efficiency and Productivity: Processes are completed 10 times faster with a 95% completion rate, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and boosting overall productivity.
  • Reduced Hiring As You Grow: Scaling no longer necessitates substantial increases in your human workforce. Digital workers are perpetually ready to assume additional tasks.

Use Cases:

  • Cornerstone Insurance: Cornerstone Insurance repurposed 120 hours per month from daily tasks, successfully implementing two digital workers.
  • Trustpoint Services: Trustpoint Services repurposed 385 hours per month from daily tasks. Bots now handle tedious paperwork, eliminating the need for additional hires.
  • Excalibur Insurance: Excalibur Insurance repurposed 160 hours per month from daily tasks. The automation elevated business efficiency, freeing up the team for higher-value work.

Quandri seamlessly reallocates resources from mundane tasks to value-creating activities. It stands as the premier solution for insurance brokers seeking to automate tedious and repetitive tasks. Quandri’s digital workers not only reduce human errors and increase efficiency but also deliver substantial cost savings. Embark on the future of work with Quandri’s cutting-edge automation software.

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