QoQo AI for UX Design

QoQo is an AI for UX design, streamlining the process by swiftly generating journey maps, personas, and research data. Save time and enhance the overall design workflow.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 5.3m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Persona Generation: QoQo generates cards to build a persona with user goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, and tasks, based on your input.
  • Journey Mapping: Identify challenges, risks, and key elements for your design brief with QoQo’s quick generation of a broad and organized picture of the early stages of the design process.
  • Chat Assistant: QoQo’s chat assistant facilitates the creation of meaningful designs, avoiding Lorem Ipsum, and proactively prevents budget overruns. It also aids in effective collaboration with clients on smaller budgets.
  • UX Copywriting Assistant: Generate user-friendly and persuasive website copy that converts with QoQo’s UX copywriting assistant, ensuring efficient and effective communication.
  • Interview Discussion Guide: QoQo generates a discussion guide to assist in user and stakeholder interviews, providing the insights necessary for creating exceptional designs.
  • Research Data Privacy: QoQo prioritizes your privacy, ensuring that research information is not shared or used without explicit consent.

Use Cases:

  • Design Agencies: Compete by saving time without sacrificing UX quality. Swiftly gather insights and produce meaningful designs. Proactively prevent budget overruns and collaborate effectively with clients on smaller budgets.
  • Organizations and Startups: Accelerate the discovery process and time to MVP or design drafts. De-risk by increasing the design team’s knowledge. Overcome resource and budget challenges with quick and actionable data.
  • Individual Designers: Gather insights efficiently, produce meaningful designs, and generate ideas without guesswork. Take on more projects painlessly and explore increased opportunities for UX work.

QoQo is your go-to AI for UX design, facilitating the quick and easy generation of journey maps, personas, and research data to save time and enhance the overall design process.

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