Pulumi AI: Revolutionizing Infrastructure-as-Code with Natural Language

Explore the cutting-edge Pulumi AI, an experimental feature that enables the generation of infrastructure-as-code programs effortlessly using natural-language prompts.

Semrush rank: 124.1k
Location: Hayes,United Kingdom
Release time: Feb. 2017


  • Connected • GPT v4 v3: Empowered by GPT v4 v3, Pulumi AI offers conversational infrastructure code generation, bringing a seamless and intuitive experience.

Use Cases:

  • Create Infrastructure with Conversational Prompts: Utilize the chat widget to describe and build the infrastructure you envision, making adjustments through natural language conversation.
  • Supports Multiple Languages: Generate Pulumi programs effortlessly in TypeScript, Python, Go, C#, Java, YAML, and more, ensuring flexibility across diverse development environments.
  • Web-based Version of Pulumi AI: Embark on your Pulumi AI journey directly on the website using the user-friendly web-based version, simplifying the initiation process.

Experience a paradigm shift in infrastructure-as-code generation with Pulumi AI, introducing natural-language prompts and extensive language support.

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