Prosona AI

Prosona: Your Intelligent Co-Pilot for Smart Response in Slack

Prosona streamlines your Slack and email inboxes, crafting precise responses so you can focus on what matters. Augmenting domain experts and enhancing accountability, it's a privacy-first system designed for efficiency and scalability.

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  • Secure, Smart, and Privacy-First: Prosona respects your knowledge and context. A privacy-first system, it promotes secure handling of your information.
  • Augmenting Employees: Prosona reduces time spent on routine queries, allowing domain experts within a company to focus on their primary responsibilities.
  • Blending the Best of Search: Prosona combines vector and keyword search with sophisticated re-ranking to deliver optimal results in seconds.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: Prosona lowers knowledge transfer costs, raising overall productivity, and scales effectively with your business.
  • Promotes Documentation: Prosona encourages documentation, ensuring important knowledge is preserved even when an employee exits the company.
  • Increased Accountability: Prosona enhances accountability by enabling domain experts to manage the knowledge shared, avoiding the transfer of outdated or false details.
  • Hassle-free Integration: Prosona allows for a seamless integration experience, removing complexities and risks connected to in-house AI tool development.

Use Cases:

  • Co-pilot for Intelligent Responses in Slack: Prosona serves as your co-pilot, framing intelligent replies so you can focus on working towards your OKRs or other meaningful things outside of work.
  • Scaling Intelligent Responses: Prosona’s solutions, developed by a team seasoned in Data Science and Machine Learning, can be scaled for all knowledge workers, taking a personal solution to a broader scale.

Experience a leap in productivity and efficiency with Prosona, your co-pilot for intelligent responses in Slack and email. Focused on privacy, accuracy, and ease of use, Prosona is here to help you redirect your energy to what truly matters.

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