Polycam: Capture the World in 3D with Ease

Polycam is a versatile 3D scanning app available for iOS, web, and Android. It simplifies the process of LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry, enabling the creation of precise 3D models effortlessly. This article introduces Polycam for Teams, a collaborative platform designed for groups to work on a shared 3D capture library.

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  • LiDAR Scanning: Polycam’s free LiDAR scanning pipeline empowers users to generate complete 3D scans of homes in a short time using the LiDAR sensor on Pro iOS devices. It’s the go-to LiDAR scanning app for contractors, interior designers, and architects.
  • Photogrammetry: The Photo Mode, available on devices and the web, swiftly produces accurate 3D models of virtually anything captured. Use Photo Mode for high-quality 3D models within minutes and share them with the global community through the Explore feed.
  • Abundant Free 3D Models: Explore an extensive collection of free 3D models in the Explore feed. These captures maintain a consistent stylistic quality and can be readily integrated into 3D art and VFX projects. Users can create albums and gather 3D models for specific projects or just for enjoyment.

Use Cases:

  • Contractors and Interior Designers: LiDAR scanning is an invaluable feature for contractors and interior designers, facilitating complete 3D scans of homes using a mobile device.
  • Architects: Architects benefit from the convenience of LiDAR scanning for comprehensive data gathering and streamlined building surveys.
  • 3D Artists: Polycam streamlines the process of capturing 3D models for scene construction and VFX artistic projects, making it both effortless and efficient.

Polycam democratizes 3D scanning, catering to users with iOS devices, DSLR cameras, or drones. The inclusion of Polycam for Teams offers small companies and organizations content and user management tools to collaborate effectively within a shared 3D capture library.

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