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Experience the power of Polarite, an innovative machine learning-assisted decision-making app designed for generating harmonious color schemes. Developed by Cem, a graphic designer and hobbyist coder, Polarite employs over 20 different algorithms to ensure creative color harmony. Explore easy sharing and exporting options for seamless integration into your projects.

Semrush rank: 15.8m
Location: United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2019


  • Tinder-Like Decision Making: Make decisions by swiping colors left and right. In the background, A.I. learns from your every decision, creating a personalized color profile for you.
  • Generative Art: Unlock the potential of machine learning algorithms to craft visually stunning and harmonious color schemes with Polarite.
  • Export Formats: Effortlessly export color schemes to Adobe products using ASE files, or copy/paste as hex codes or CSS strings for seamless integration into your design workflow.
  • Safe Locally: Rest easy knowing that all data is stored locally on your device, with no reliance on central servers. Clear data from the Favs screen at your convenience.
  • Training The System: Enhance your experience by swiping through 10-20 colors for optimal results. For the best outcomes, engage in longer sessions of 50 colors to refine the system’s understanding of your preferences.
  • Browse The Options: Explore actual samples generated by Polarite for inspiration and improved results in your color scheme creations.

Use Cases:

  • Artists: Polarite is a valuable tool for artists, including painters and concept artists, seeking to create captivating color schemes for their work.
  • Designers: Graphic designers, industrial designers, textile designers, and interior designers can all benefit from Polarite’s ability to generate harmonious and aesthetically pleasing color schemes.
  • Sharing: Share your beautifully crafted color schemes effortlessly on social media platforms or transfer them to your computer using AirDrop for seamless integration into your design projects.

Polarite stands out as a unique color tool that leverages machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized and harmonious color schemes. With its simple Tinder-like decision-making process, training the system is a breeze, and the abundance of exporting options makes it an ideal choice for artists and designers looking to create stunning color schemes quickly and effortlessly.

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