PlaylistAI: Unleashing the Power of AI for Playlists

Experience the ultimate playlist-making app for Spotify and Apple Music with PlaylistAI. Craft playlists effortlessly using AI prompts, images, videos, and your most-listened-to music.

Pricing: Freemium
Semrush rank: 608.9k
Location: Canada
Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Turn Your Thoughts into a Playlist with AI: Simply input prompts like ‘Early 2000’s pop music’ or ‘Playing board games on a rainy day,’ and let AI curate the perfect mix for you.
  • Transform Any Music Festival Poster into a Playlist: PlaylistAI extracts artist names from your festival poster images and transforms them into dynamic playlists.
  • ID the Songs in TikToks and Other Videos: Provide a video, and PlaylistAI will craft a playlist featuring the songs from the video, enhancing your musical discovery experience.
  • Create Your Own Music Festival Lineup: Utilize your top artists from the last 1, 6, or 12 months to construct a music festival poster complete with a curated playlist.

Use Cases:

  • Press FastCompany: Witness AI building you a superior playlist, as acclaimed by FastCompany.
  • TechCrunch: Explore how LineupSupply’s app transforms music festival posters into Spotify playlists, as highlighted by TechCrunch.
  • MusicRadar: Discover a groundbreaking app utilizing the AI technology behind ChatGPT to craft personalized playlists of any kind, as featured on MusicRadar.
  • lifehacker: PlaylistAI can generate personalized playlists from custom search prompts, music festival posters, and even TikTok videos, as recognized by lifehacker.
  • Musically: Explore the latest evolution from text-to-image AIs with the advent of text-to-playlist AI, as covered by Musically.

Unlock the potential of AI with PlaylistAI, the app that transforms your thoughts and media into personalized playlists. With features like poster transformations and song identification, creating your ideal playlist has never been more seamless.

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