PixieBrix: Elevate Productivity with AI and Automation Chrome Extension

PixieBrix, an innovative AI and automation Chrome extension, is designed to supercharge productivity and streamline workflows. Offering extensive customization options, it seamlessly integrates with any solution.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jul. 2020


  • Unmatched Versatility: Connect effortlessly with the web apps you already use, thanks to PixieBrix’s extensibility and integration options.
  • Iterative Innovation: Accelerate your starting point with low-code ‘bricks,’ enabling immediate preview and testing of changes for faster implementation.
  • Scalable for Teams: Effortlessly build and deploy new functionalities to larger teams, ensuring easy and secure scalability.
  • Engaged Community: Access idea exchange, frequent releases, and responsive support within PixieBrix’s vibrant community.

Use Cases:

  • Customer Success: Empower your Customer Success team with increased speed and accuracy through features like Agent Assist, Workforce Experience, and Governance.
  • Human Resources: Transform candidate evaluation, streamline onboarding, and enhance overall employee experience. Covering Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, and Employee Experience.
  • Sales & Marketing: Drive cost reduction, optimize workflows, and boost efficiency for sales and marketing teams. Explore Prospect Research, Candidate Engagement, and Revenue Optimization.
  • Discover Mods in the PixieBrix Marketplace: Quickly build, customize, and automate using ready-made starting points from our growing partner and developer community.

PixieBrix empowers you to customize any web application, unlocking untapped potential, improving user experience, and boosting overall productivity. Join our vibrant community today!

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