Phosus: Unleashing Creative Power with AI-driven Image Tools and APIs

Explore a suite of AI-powered software tools, including Inpainting, Background Removal, Auto Fix, and more, designed to elevate and transform images. Whether for personal or commercial use, our tools offer clear documentation and affordable pricing.

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Release time: Jun. 2018


  • Inpainting: Efficiently fills missing regions in images, serving purposes like image reconstruction, object removal, or manipulation.
  • Style Transfer: Transcend creativity by seamlessly transferring image styles from one photo to another.
  • Low Light Enhancement: Revolutionary AI tool that enhances image visibility while preserving its natural appearance, overcoming hardware limitations.
  • Background Removal: Enables automatic and swift removal of image backgrounds with zero clicks.
  • Auto Fix: AI-driven automation for image enhancement, ensuring high-quality photographic results.
  • Super Resolution: Elevates image resolution without sacrificing pixel quality or introducing blurry lines.
  • Auto Image Captioning: Automatically generates accurate natural-language descriptions for images.
  • Auto Image Tagging: AI technology that promptly and accurately assigns metadata, in the form of captions, to images.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce: Craft professional product photos by seamlessly removing backgrounds, improving lighting, and more.
  • Beauty Apps: Enhance app usability and user experience by automating photo fixes.
  • Website Builders: Utilize AI tools to manipulate and enhance images for compelling website content.
  • Graphic Design: Empower your design process with AI-driven style transfer, Inpainting, and more.

Phosus introduces a new era of creativity and automation in image enhancement and manipulation. Perfect for personal and commercial use, our tools are accompanied by clear documentation and affordable pricing, making them seamlessly integrable into your projects.

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