Phenaki: Revolutionizing Video Synthesis with Textual Prompts

Unlock the power of Phenaki, a cutting-edge model that transforms textual prompts into realistic videos in the open domain. Leveraging a tokenizer with causal attention and bidirectional masked transformer, Phenaki redefines the landscape of video token generation.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 1.4m
Location: Canada
Release time: Sep. 2022


  • Realistic Video Synthesis: Experience the magic of Phenaki as it skillfully crafts realistic videos, bringing to life sequences of textual prompts with unmatched precision and authenticity.
  • Tokenization with Causal Attention: Phenaki employs a tokenizer with causal attention in time, adapting seamlessly to variable-length videos and ensuring optimal performance across diverse content scenarios.
  • Joint Training for Generalization: Witness the transformative capabilities of Phenaki through joint training on a vast corpus of image-text pairs and a select number of video-text examples, leading to unparalleled generalization beyond traditional video datasets.
  • Arbitrary Length Videos: Diverging from conventional video generation methods, Phenaki excels in producing videos of arbitrary lengths, skillfully conditioned on sequences of prompts within the expansive open domain.

Use Cases:

  • Generating Videos from Text: Phenaki emerges as a powerhouse for generating lifelike videos from textual prompts, revolutionizing content creation and setting new standards in video production.
  • Creating Interactive Examples: Empower users to craft interactive examples using Phenaki, allowing them to select and combine diverse context words, resulting in a personalized and dynamic video creation experience.
  • Generating Video from Still Image: Explore the versatility of Phenaki in generating videos from still images and prompts, making it a go-to tool for animating photos and crafting captivating video intros.

Phenaki stands at the forefront of video synthesis innovation, offering a groundbreaking solution to generate realistic videos from textual prompts. This transformative technology empowers content creators and video producers to craft engaging and high-quality videos with unparalleled ease.

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