Parrot AI

Parrot AI: Record and Share Business Experiences with AI

Transform your business interactions with Parrot AI, capturing and converting video conferences, presentations, and customer calls into easily stored, searchable, and shareable knowledge.

Semrush rank: 750.8k
Location: Sanford,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Automated Recording and Transcription: Parrot AI automatically gathers, transcribes, and archives meetings from popular platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Meet.
  • Share Meetings Safely: Effortlessly share recorded meetings with anyone and pinpoint key moments to embed in shareable pages.
  • Embed Customer Insights: Empower your team with the authentic voice and insights of customers. Share these insights in Slack or Jira to enhance collaboration.
  • Retain and Leverage Knowledge: Capture conversational knowledge from meetings, disseminate ideas across teams, prevent knowledge loss, and leverage insights over time.

Use Cases:

  • Team Collaboration and Feedback: Combine pivotal moments from meetings to illustrate a point or gather feedback from colleagues.
  • Customer Voice Integration: Integrate your customer’s voice seamlessly into daily operations across all teams. Embed customer insights to enhance team understanding.
  • Knowledge Retention: Preserve and leverage crucial knowledge from meetings, preventing the loss of valuable ideas and enabling future team members to access past conversations.

Parrot AI provides an indispensable solution for recording, retaining, and sharing business experiences. Elevate productivity and collaboration by harnessing the power of captured conversational knowledge.

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