Oxolo - Revolutionizing E-commerce Ads with AI Video Maker

Embark on your video creation journey by selecting the perfect plan for your needs with Oxolo. Effortlessly craft stunning e-commerce ads, tailor video colors, integrate your logo, and more!

Pricing: Free Trial,$ 24.99/mo.
Semrush rank: 204.4k


  • Free: Initiate your journey into creating captivating e-commerce ads at no cost with our free plan.
  • Basic: Ideal for individuals seeking a seamless video creation experience without any hassle.
  • Business: The ultimate choice for those engaged in high-volume video creation, providing simplicity and efficiency.
  • Enterprise: Tailored for businesses managing extensive product catalogs, offering a comprehensive solution for video creation.

Use Cases:

  • Generate New Videos: Utilize credits to craft new videos effortlessly with the power of AI, allowing for extensive customization.
  • Edit Existing Videos: Employ credits to make modifications to pre-existing videos, including alterations to the audio script, AI actors, and more.

Oxolo’s AI Video Maker simplifies the process of creating compelling e-commerce ads. Choose a plan, infuse your personal touch into videos, and commence the generation of engaging content today!

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