Originality.AI - Your Essential Tool for Plagiarism Detection and AI Content Verification

Originality.AI is an indispensable tool designed for content publishers who are serious about maintaining the originality of their content and verifying AI-generated text. Packed with distinctive features tailored for web publishers, content agencies, and website buyers, it ensures that content is free from plagiarism and created by human authors.

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Release time: Oct. 2022


  • Team Oversight: Originality.AI empowers web publishers and content agencies to effectively manage their teams and track scanning history on a user basis. This feature provides robust control over plagiarism checks, instilling confidence in clients that content is both human-generated and plagiarism-free.
  • Comprehensive Site Analysis: Our Originality.AI website scanner meticulously crawls entire sites, conducting comprehensive checks for plagiarism and AI-generated content. With this capability, website buyers swiftly gain a holistic view of a site’s content authenticity and AI-generated text risk, regardless of the volume of articles.
  • AI Content Detection: Developed by a team of content marketing and GPT-3 AI experts who deeply understand the needs of web publishers, Originality.AI features an AI content detection tool. It detects the usage of AI tools in content creation, offering invaluable insights and saving web publishers time and resources.

Use Cases:

  • Web Publishers: Web publishers rely on Originality.AI to ensure the originality of their content, guaranteeing it is free from plagiarism and authored by humans rather than AI. The platform also facilitates team management and user-specific scanning history, enhancing control over plagiarism checks.
  • Content Agencies: Content agencies leverage Originality.AI to manage their extensive teams and verify that their content is original, human-created, and free from plagiarism. The platform’s auto-billing feature for credits ensures their teams always have sufficient credits for conducting plagiarism checks.
  • Website Buyers: Website buyers utilize Originality.AI to conduct thorough site-wide scans, ensuring content is free from plagiarism and AI-generated text, regardless of the quantity of articles. This feature offers a comprehensive view of content authenticity and AI content risk.

Originality.AI stands out as a unique and essential tool for plagiarism detection and AI content verification, catering to the needs of serious content publishers. With features like team oversight, comprehensive site analysis, and AI content detection, it sets itself apart from tools primarily designed for academic use. It empowers web publishers, content agencies, and website buyers to maintain plagiarism-free, human-authored content. Sign up today to save both time and resources with Originality.AI!

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