Opera One

Opera One: Redefining Browsing with Native AI Innovation

Introducing Opera One, a groundbreaking browser by Opera, featuring the world's first native browser AI, Aria. Tailored for AI capabilities, Opera One boasts an updated Modular Design and introduces revolutionary features like Tab Islands, ushering in a new era of browsing.

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  • Inbuilt Native AI, Aria: Opera One pioneers the integration of a native AI, Aria, offering users a free-tier gateway to advanced generative AI services. Aria collaboratively generates web and browser outcomes, text, code, or addresses product-related inquiries using AI prompts and a new command line interface.
  • New Feature: Tab Islands: Opera One redefines tab interactions with Tab Islands, organizing related tabs in a context-based manner. Users gain enhanced control over multiple tabs, with options to collapse islands, bookmark them, or pin them for future reference.
  • Revolutionary Modular Design: Built on a new Modular Design, Opera One introduces context-specific key features for a dynamic, user-centered browsing experience. This design philosophy positions Opera for a generative AI-powered future.
  • Advanced Multithreaded Compositor Architecture: Opera One leaps forward with an all-new multithreaded compositor architecture, ensuring a more responsive and smoother user interface. This upgrade distinguishes Opera from other Chromium-based browsers, offering a unique browsing experience.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Web Interaction: Aria facilitates efficient web interactions, boosting user productivity. Users can simply use the command line to ask Aria a query and receive an immediate response.
  • Improved Tab Management: Tab Islands enhances tab management coherence, allowing users to organize tabs based on different contexts for an improved overall browsing experience.

Opera One embraces generative AI technology, resetting the stage for web browsing. Redesigned from the ground up with inbuilt AI and innovative features, Opera One marks the beginning of a new evolution cycle. Experience Opera One and elevate your web interaction for free today.

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