Onnix AI

Onnix AI: Elevating Banking Efficiency with Your Personalized AI Co-Pilot

Experience the future of banking with Onnix AI, your revolutionary AI Co-Pilot crafted exclusively for bankers. This platform leverages advanced AI and data science tools to provide swift, accurate answers and deliver high-quality results. From crafting personalized slide decks to executing Excel analyses and data source queries, Onnix AI is dedicated to enhancing efficiency, enabling bankers to prioritize insights over manual tasks.

Semrush rank: 8.0m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Aug. 2023


  • AI-Powered Slide Deck Creation: Onnix learns from previous presentations and generates personalized slide decks based on MD preferences, allowing for quick iterations and re-formatting.
  • Excel Analysis: Empower your teams to run data analyses and generate outputs effortlessly by prompting Onnix. It seamlessly integrates with FactSet, CapIQ, or any preferred data provider.
  • Data Source Querying: Onnix provides instant answers from any data provider, delivering responses via email or messaging applications. Swiftly fetch information for client calls, one-offs, or bespoke analyses.

Use Cases:

  • Building Slide Decks: Efficiently create slide decks for senior or junior teams, allowing bankers to focus more on generating valuable insights.
  • Quick Data Calculations: Enable senior team members to run crucial data calculations swiftly by simply prompting Onnix.
  • Handling Client Requests: Empower junior team members to find answers to niche client queries or source information for bespoke analyses by consulting Onnix.

Onnix AI is at the forefront of transforming banking practices by digitizing critical operations such as slide deck creation, data analysis, and information sourcing. This not only enhances team efficiency but also allows bankers to concentrate on generating valuable insights.

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