Nüz: Your Tailored Video News Experience with OneSub

Explore Nüz, the personalized video news platform brought to you by OneSub, delivering insightful and balanced video summaries of today's news. Experience AI-powered curation that offers an informative and unbiased view of the world, all without cookies, trackers, or ads.

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Release time: Oct. 2022


  • Personalized News Feed: Nüz crafts your news feed uniquely for you, utilizing AI trained on numerous reputable news sources worldwide. Enjoy an informative and balanced perspective of global events in just a few minutes.
  • Quick, Informative, and Balanced: Nüz provides swift, informative, and balanced video stories, ensuring you gain a broad perspective on global events effortlessly.
  • Privacy-Centered: Nüz is free to install and completely devoid of cookies, trackers, or adverts. Your data remains secure, and your privacy is prioritized. Nüz exists solely to offer a balanced news view without compromising your privacy.

Use Cases:

  • Stay Updated: Utilize Nüz to effortlessly stay informed about global events with insightful and balanced video summaries.
  • News-on-the-go: Ideal for individuals on the go, Nüz provides a quick and efficient way to gain a comprehensive perspective on global events.
  • Privacy-focused Information Digest: For users prioritizing privacy and data security, Nüz offers a private, ad-free method to stay informed without compromising personal information.

Nüz by OneSub revolutionizes your news consumption, delivering a personalized, informative, and balanced news feed through artificial intelligence, all while respecting your privacy.

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Clarity analyzes media’s presentation of top news stories using AI, with a subscription option.

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