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Nova A.I. - Elevating Online Video Editing to New Heights

Embark on a journey into the Video Editing Universe with Nova A.I. Create exceptional videos, seamlessly cut, trim, and blend your clips. Incorporate subtitles, translate content, and more, all online with no installation required.

Pricing: Freemium,$10/mo
Semrush rank: 387.8k
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2022


  • Subtitle Generator: Let Nova A.I. automatically generate subtitles and embed them into your videos. Download SRT, VTT & TXT files effortlessly.
  • Text To Speech Generator: Experience the power of Nova’s AI speech generator, swiftly transforming any text into a captivating male or female voiceover.
  • Video Translator: Translate your TikTok videos, online courses, movies, and more into 75 different languages, adding a universal touch to your content.
  • Video Merger: Merge multiple video clips seamlessly and save the amalgamation as a single, cohesive video piece.
  • Resize Your Video: Effortlessly resize your videos to adapt to any social media player, ensuring your content reaches its widest audience.
  • Select stock assets for your next project: In collaboration with iStock by Getty Images, Nova A.I. provides access to an extensive digital asset library for your creative endeavors.

Use Cases:

  • Training Available: Nova A.I. offers training sessions tailored for both large production studios and everyday content creators, empowering them with advanced editing skills.
  • Book A Demo: Explore Nova A.I.’s Smart Video Search capabilities with a demo, exclusively designed for business and enterprise plan owners seeking cutting-edge features.
  • Nova A.I. Tutorials: For individuals eager to pilot Nova A.I.’s creative spaceship, discover insightful tutorials for quick and efficient video edits.
  • Join Hundreds of Creators: Embark on the journey with Nova A.I. Witness the stories of our creators and become part of a community cruising through the stars of video editing.

Nova A.I. provides a comprehensive suite of tools for effortlessly creating high-quality videos. From subtitles to translations and video merging, it stands as a powerful online video editing solution.

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