Not By AI: Supporting Human Content Creation

Join the Not By AI movement, advocating for the continuous creation of original content by humans. Use the 'Created by Human' badge to help users distinguish works that are not AI-generated, safeguarding against a future dominated by AI-produced content. Badges are available for various content types, including written, artwork, multimedia, and more.

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Release time: Mar. 2023


  • Created by Human Badges: Earn badges for content exclusively created by humans. Types include badges for writers, artists, producers, and more.
  • Badge Display Flexibility: Choose where to display your badge, depending on how overtly you want to communicate your commitment to human creativity.
  • 90% Rule: If at least 90% of your content is human-created, proudly add the ‘Created by Human’, ‘Not By AI’ badge to your work.
  • Not By AI for Business: Leverage Not By AI badges to help your audience recognize your human-first approach, promoting trust and credibility for your brand.

Use Cases:

  • Artwork: For all forms of artwork, including digital and traditional art, paintings, illustrations, comics, etc., use the ‘Painted By Human’ badge to denote human creation.
  • Writing: For written content such as blog posts, essays, books, and research, showcase the human effort involved with the ‘Written By Human’ badge.
  • Production: For audio, video, photography, or an overall creative approach/philosophy, signify authentic human production with the ‘Produced By Human’ badge.
  • Business Branding: Promote a human-first approach to customers, showcasing your commitment to complex problem-solving. This sets you apart from the competition and builds trust.

Not By AI is a crucial mission promoting human creativity in an era dominated by AI-generated content. It enables individuals and businesses to proudly declare their dedication to human-produced content, motivating others towards originality rather than reliance on AI alone.

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