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Namify is your all-in-one solution for generating brand names and logos, offering features such as matching social handles, future-proof domains, trademark availability checks, free logo creation, and expert recommendations.

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Release time: Feb. 2020


  • Matching Social Handles: Explore thousands of brand name ideas with an integrated check for social media handle availability, ensuring seamless alignment between your social media handles and company name.
  • Future-proof Domains: Receive cutting-edge website name suggestions with social media username availability checks, ensuring your domain name is not only memorable but also future-ready.
  • Free Logo: Unlock hundreds of sophisticated logo suggestions, perfectly aligned with your purchased domain name, providing a valuable resource to build a memorable brand – all at no cost.
  • Trademark Availability: Effortlessly check if your chosen domain name has been trademarked in the United States of America or Europe with a simple one-click process, helping you avoid potential legal disputes.

Use Cases:

  • Smart Name Generator: Namify employs cutting-edge technology to intelligently pair meaningful names for companies, blogs, shops, projects, startups, and more, distinguishing itself from traditional generators that blindly combine keywords.
  • Future-ready Brands: Namify combines creative brand names with new domain extensions, breaking away from the limitations of traditional domains that can be clunky, long, and forgettable.
  • Free Logo Design: Upon purchasing your domain name, access a plethora of stylish and sleek logo options to choose from – absolutely FREE, applicable only for specific domain extensions.

Namify stands out as the ultimate name generator and logo maker, equipped with advanced features like matching social handles, future-proof domains, trademark availability checks, and free logo creation. Embrace this go-to tool for creating smart, future-ready brands, recommended by industry experts. The user-friendly interface, coupled with expert advice and suggestions, makes Namify the perfect companion for crafting the best name for your company, shop, project, or startup. With Namify, build a brand that leaves a lasting impression and sets you apart from the competition.

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