Mutable AI Revolutionizing Software Development with AI Acceleration stands as a cutting-edge software development platform leveraging AI to expedite code development. Secure your spot now for the exclusive limited release of our GitHub app.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 1.5m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Nov. 2021


  • AI Autocomplete: Streamline the code-writing process by reducing boilerplate and minimizing reliance on external sources like Stack Overflow, thanks to our specialized neural networks.
  • Production Quality Code with One Click: Effortlessly elevate prototype code to production quality with a single click. Let AI handle code refactoring, documentation, and type addition to enhance code quality.
  • Prompt-driven Development: Directly instruct the AI to modify your code, fostering prompt-driven development and expediting the overall development lifecycle.
  • Test Generation (coming soon): Say goodbye to the hassle of writing tests. Our AI, coupled with metaprogramming, will soon allow you to automatically generate unit tests.

Use Cases:

  • Prototype with AI Autocomplete: Utilize AI to accelerate the creation of prototype code by minimizing boilerplate and reducing the need to search for code on external platforms like Stack Overflow.
  • Transform to Production Quality Code with AI: Efficiently transition from prototype to production-quality code by leveraging AI for automated code refactoring, documentation, and type incorporation.
  • Prompt Driven Development: Accelerate the development process by providing direct instructions to the AI, saving valuable time and enhancing coding efficiency.
  • Automatically Generate Unit Tests: Bid farewell to manual test case creation. Allow AI and metaprogramming to automatically generate unit tests, boosting overall testing efficiency. harnesses the potential of AI to automate key aspects of software development. Secure your spot now for the limited release of our GitHub app and embark on a journey to accelerate your code development.

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