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Discover, an all-in-one video platform harnessing the power of AI. Experience seamless video hosting, AI-driven indexing, robust search capabilities, and a customizable player. Tailored for teams, creators, conferences, marketing endeavors, and educational courses.

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Location: New York,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Powerful Video Player: Immerse your audience in a visually stunning, responsive HTML5 video & audio player. Enjoy 4K support, adaptive streaming, subtitles, and full customization with your logo, colors, and more.
  • Robust Video Hosting: Benefit from flexible and cost-effective video & audio hosting. Enjoy geo-located data on servers worldwide, ensuring access from any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Video Search: Unlock the potential of AI-powered indexing, enabling detailed searches within your videos for speech, text, people, objects, and more. Enhance SEO and content discovery effortlessly.
  • Tools & Demos: Access a suite of tools and demos, including screen & camera recording, clip creation, auto-transcription, video labeling & editing, customizable player options, ad monetization, and exploration of the AI-powered API.

Use Cases:

  • Courses and Education: Optimize your digital courses and e-learning initiatives with’s comprehensive video ecosystem designed to enhance educational content.
  • Sales & Marketing: Supercharge your marketing endeavors by leveraging’s powerful video features, customized players, and AI-driven search capabilities.
  • Events & Conferences: Unlock the full potential of event video content with Benefit from searchable collections and collaborative video tools for conferences and events.
  • Team Communication: Enhance team collaboration with’s video platform, featuring dynamic sharing options and streamlined team member management. is your go-to solution for a next-gen video platform, delivering accessibility, engagement, and searchability across various industries and applications. Try it for free today. Alternatives:

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