Moments: Elevate Your Connections with a Personal Relationship Manager

Empower your connections with Moments, your ultimate personal relationship manager. Stay abreast of all the latest developments in your social and professional network, ensuring you never miss a significant beat!

Semrush rank: 1.0m
Location: Netherlands
Release time: Nov. 2017


  • Managing Social Connections: Effortlessly organize, prioritize, and fortify your relationships with a user-friendly interface.
  • Social To-Dos: Preview upcoming events and reminders, alleviating your daily cognitive load and stress.
  • Social Circles: Categorize your contacts into different groups and levels of importance for a personalized touch.
  • Events and Reminders: Create events for your contacts and receive timely reminders for various activities such as gift buying, messaging, and more.
  • Social Feed: Access a comprehensive feed containing social updates and activity data from your CRM contacts, focusing on those who matter most.
  • Learn: Enhance your social skills with our informative articles and courses, providing valuable insights for personal and professional growth.
  • AI Composer: Receive personalized messages and emails composed for your contacts, tailored to each unique relationship and interest.

Use Cases:

  • Networking Made Simple: Perfect for entrepreneurs or professionals aiming to maintain and build strong relationships with their contacts.
  • Personal Connections: Ideal for individuals seeking assistance in managing personal relationships and social circles.

Moments is the perfect tool for managing your social and professional relationships in a personalized and effortless way. Stay connected, stay informed, and make every moment count.

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