Mindgenie: Elevate Your Time Management with Smart Scheduling and Analytics

Bid farewell to chaotic schedules and missed deadlines. Mindgenie offers a solution to organize your tasks efficiently, saving you time through smart scheduling and insightful time analytics.

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Location: United States of America
Release time: May. 2023


  • Scheduling Made Easy: Say goodbye to mixed up schedules and missed deadlines. Keep your tasks organized with Mindgenie’s smart scheduling feature.
  • 13 Month Calendar: Enjoy the convenience of a 13-month calendar. Stay ahead of your schedule with an extra month of planning.
  • Time Analytics: Achieve better results by analyzing your time usage. Get insights into task completion rates and track your progress.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Use: Stay organized and manage your personal tasks more efficiently with Mindgenie’s smart scheduling feature and time analytics.
  • Professional Use: Enhance productivity and meet deadlines in your professional life with Mindgenie’s smart scheduling feature and time analytics.

Get organized, save time, and improve productivity with Mindgenie’s smart scheduling and time analytics tools.

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