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MakerBox: Empowering Solopreneurs with Digital Solutions

Unlock actionable marketing ideas, frameworks, tools, and personalized services to enhance your digital business with MakerBox. Introducing your marketing co-pilot - ChatGPT.

Pricing: Paid,$39
Semrush rank: 2.7m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: May. 2022


  • MakerBox Workbook: Explore 100 actionable marketing ideas tailored for Solopreneurs.
  • Positioning That Sells: Engage in an actionable video course designed to elevate your marketing strategies.
  • MakerBox Frameworks: Access 50 marketing concepts for enhanced clarity in your business approach.
  • MakerBox Tools: Discover 700 tools with amazing free plans curated for Makers.
  • Landing Page Roasting: Receive a 20-minute video review of your landing page within 24 hours.
  • Marketing Audit: Receive a personalized action plan to boost your business within 30 days.
  • MakerBox Blog: Access actionable marketing articles delivered every week.
  • Marketing Mega-Prompts: Explore a hand-crafted collection of 40 Marketing Mega-Prompts designed for Solopreneurs.

Use Cases:

  • Save 10+ hours every month: Utilize ChatGPT to kick-start every task and streamline your workflow.
  • Improve your work without talking to anyone: Engage with a Solopreneur coach for personalized guidance.
  • Outsource boring tasks: Leverage ChatGPT to handle marketing tasks you’d rather avoid.
  • Define your marketing strategy: Enhance your planning skills and develop a robust marketing strategy.

Simplify your marketing efforts with MakerBox and ChatGPT. Gain access to frameworks, tools, feedback, and personalized prompts. Save time, improve your business, and find inspiration.

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