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Mano AI - Your Productivity Companion

Mano is your AI-powered chat assistant designed to streamline your workday, save time, and boost productivity.

Pricing: Freemium,$9/mo
Semrush rank: 26.5m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Mar. 2023


  • Company Blog Changelog: Stay informed about the latest product changes, news, and updates from Mano’s team through the Company Blog Changelog.
  • Add to Chrome: Install Mano AI as a Chrome extension for one-click access to its features and functionalities.
  • Trusted by Thousands of Users Worldwide: Join the global community of thousands of users who trust Mano for its smart and efficient AI-powered assistance.
  • Save 73 Minutes a Day: Efficiently automate tasks, avoid context switching, and save up to 73 minutes a day with Mano’s time-saving capabilities.
  • Automate 26 Tasks with AI: Empower yourself to automate up to 26 tasks using Mano’s powerful prompts and prebuilt agents.
  • 40% More Productive with Expert Agents: Feel 40% more productive with Mano’s expertly curated agents that suggest the best prompts for your tasks.
  • One-Click Actions: Speed up your workflow with one-click actions, allowing you to explain topics, summarize articles, and ask questions directly from the popup.
  • Features Guaranteed to Save You Time: Mano is packed with powerful features, including bookmarking, agent creation, and direct conversation within tabs, to streamline your task list and boost productivity.

Use Cases:

  • Automate Expert Agents: Utilize Mano’s expertly curated prompts and agents to transform ChatGPT into a Travel Guide, a Prompt Generator, and more.
  • Interact with Context: Select text from your window, and Mano will seamlessly bring it into the conversation without the need to switch tabs, copy, or paste.
  • Create Custom Agents: Receive assistance from expertly curated agents for working out, ideating, and writing, or create custom agents to automate your work from start to finish.

Unlock your full potential and experience a smarter way of working with Mano AI, customizable for every need and budget.

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