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Transform Your Shopping Experience with Manifest AI

Manifest AI, your GPT-powered shopping assistant exclusively designed for Shopify stores, is your key to maximizing sales and fostering lasting customer relationships. Witness a reduction in customer drop-offs, an increase in conversions, and a streamlined buying process.

Semrush rank: 11.1m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jun. 2023


  • Reduced Customer Drop-offs: Prevent potential customer drop-offs by deploying extended AI-generated prompts precisely when they are on the verge of leaving your website.
  • Increased Conversions: Leverage natural language processing to recommend the exact products your customers desire, enhancing conversion rates seamlessly.
  • Reduce Buying Time: Present comprehensive product information in a neatly displayed text format, eliminating the need for cumbersome website navigation and accelerating the buying process.
  • AI-Powered Click Prompts: Engage visitors throughout their purchase journey with tailor-made prompts aligned with their browsing behavior, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Easy Integration with Shopify: Effortlessly integrate and customize your shopping assistant within minutes through a hassle-free single-click integration process.
  • Personalized Shopping Assistant: Infuse personality into your shopping assistant by customizing its tone, and accelerate its learning with the ability to upload your brand-specific PDF documents for comprehensive training.

Use Cases:

  • Before Purchase: Assist customers in discovering and finding the perfect product to meet their specific needs.
  • During Purchase: Provide customers with in-depth details about a particular product and facilitate product comparisons for an informed decision-making process.
  • After Purchase: Address post-purchase inquiries related to store policies, such as returns, refunds, delivery times, and more.

Manifest AI emerges as the ultimate tool to curtail drop-offs, enhance conversions, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences, all achieved with minimal effort on your part.

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