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Magic Loops: Your All-in-One Automation Solution

Automate a wide array of tasks effortlessly with Magic Loops. From BTC price alerts, stock EPS lookups, and weather forecasts to website speed analysis, experience the magic of comprehensive automation in just one platform. Simplify your workflow by automating almost anything within 5 minutes. Unlock the power of automation today!

Semrush rank: 3.5m
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Jul. 2023


  • Diverse Range of Automations: Magic Loops covers almost everything, from sending you daily weather forecasts to notifying you of the latest SEC filings. Enjoy a versatile suite of automation features.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Experience the ease of use with Magic Loops’ user-friendly service. Set up your necessary automations within just 5 minutes, making automation accessible to everyone.
  • Time-Saving Efficiency: Stop wasting time on trivial tasks and let Magic Loops handle them for you. Free up more time to focus on important tasks that require your attention.

Use Cases:

  • BTC Price Alert: Receive hourly updates about the price of Bitcoin or other currencies directly through Magic Loops.
  • Stock EPS Lookup & Email: Stay informed with the last 10 quarters’ EPS of Google or other stocks on the 1st of every month, delivered conveniently to your email.
  • Site Speed Optimization Suggestions: Receive concrete steps to optimize your site’s speed, enhancing user experience and performance.
  • SEC Filing Watchdog: Stay in the loop with new public SEC filings for stocks with a specific ticker. Receive an email with a link to the new filing as soon as it happens.

Magic Loops is your go-to solution for automating a diverse range of tasks. Its extensive suite of services makes it an indispensable tool for those who value efficiency and want to save time.

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