LessEffort - A Beautiful UI for ChatGPT

Discover LessEffort, a ChatGPT platform offering a beautiful UI for an enhanced user experience. Personalize the app's appearance with your favorite color scheme, leverage community prompts, create bespoke prompts, and more.

Pricing: Freemium,$9.99/mo
Semrush rank: 1 billion


  • Customize App Appearance: Tailor the app’s appearance to your liking by choosing a color scheme that resonates with your personal preferences.
  • Community Prompts: Explore a collection of pre-constructed prompts shared by the vibrant app community, jumpstarting conversations and sparking creative ideas.
  • Create Your Own Prompts: Craft prompts that align with your specific needs, ensuring the AI assistant provides responses that are relevant and accurate to your unique requirements.
  • Share Conversations: Facilitate collaboration and feedback by effortlessly generating shareable links to your conversations, making it easy to work with others.
  • Save Important Chat: Bookmark essential messages for future reference, aiding in retaining crucial details and insights for later use.
  • Personalized Tone and Language: Tailor the tone and language style of the AI assistant’s responses to align with your preferences, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable interaction.
  • Track Cost Usage: Monitor API usage costs efficiently to manage resources effectively and optimize usage patterns for enhanced efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • UI Designer & FrontEnd Developer: RDirtjump recommends LessEffort as an affordable alternative with great features, catering to the needs of UI design and development.
  • Architectural Drafter: Mardi Anto finds LessEffort indispensable for creating articles and presentations, praising its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
  • Banker: Alana Buthan, a banker, commends LessEffort for its broad capabilities, user-friendliness, and visually appealing interface.

LessEffort stands out with its beautiful UI and an array of features, making it the go-to platform for ChatGPT users looking for a seamless and customizable conversation experience.

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