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Kwizie: Transforming Video Learning into Interactive Quiz Games

Experience a paradigm shift in video-based learning with Kwizie, where passive YouTube video consumption evolves into engaging multiplayer quiz games powered by AI. Shareable via QR code or link, anytime, anywhere!

Semrush rank: 40.4m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Mar. 2022


  • Data-driven Learning: Optimize your delivery strategy and make data-driven enhancements using our robust analytics dashboard.
  • Affordable. Simple. Swift.: Bid farewell to time-consuming interactive activity design or costly services. Kwizie offers an affordable and straightforward solution.
  • Create Entertaining Quiz Games: Generate and share entertaining multiplayer quiz games effortlessly with friends, colleagues, or students.
  • Educational Excellence: Leverage optimized AI for educational excellence, employing state-of-the-art algorithms to utilize the best available AI models.
  • For Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere: Designed for on-the-fly usage, Kwizie supports rapid iterative learning anywhere you are. Compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile-first design.
  • Multiplayer Engagement: Unlock an enjoyable way for your audience or community to interact and learn collaboratively.

Use Cases:

  • Keynotes: Stay updated with the latest content from leading experts through Kwizie’s engaging quiz games.

Kwizie revolutionizes video-based learning by converting passive consumption into captivating quiz games. It champions data-driven learning, affordability, and accessibility for everyone, anytime, and anywhere.

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