Khoj: Empower Your Productivity with an Open-source, Personal AI Copilot

Explore Khoj, your AI desktop application designed for effortless chatting and searching through your notes, documents, and images. Tailored to keep you focused on your priorities, Khoj is your personal AI copilot.

Semrush rank: 4.5m
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: May. 2023


  • Smart Document Search: Experience lightning-fast, semantic search through your data sources with Khoj, offering personalized offline AI models that enhance your search efficiency.
  • Interactive Conversation: Engage in natural, multi-turn conversations with Khoj, fostering the creation and expansion of your existing knowledge base in a seamless manner.
  • Offline-first & Open source: Rest assured that your data stays on your machine with Khoj’s offline-first approach. Embrace the open-source platform for customizable features, putting you in control of your AI experience.
  • Easy Integrations: Enjoy hassle-free integration with external data and UI interfaces. Khoj seamlessly works with Emacs, Obsidian, and your web browser for a smooth user experience.
  • Individual or Cloud Hosting: Choose between self-hosting or leverage the cloud hosting platform, ensuring an always-available assistant without the complexities of setup, providing flexibility according to your preferences.

Use Cases:

  • Simplified Note Searching: Effortlessly navigate through your notes from various data sources directly from your desktop with Khoj’s efficient note-searching capabilities.
  • Memory Extension: Allow Khoj to learn from your notes and documents, acting as a seamless extension of your brain. Stay focused on critical tasks while Khoj enhances your memory.
  • Customized AI Experience: Personalize your AI experience with Khoj, utilizing customizable features and the option for self-hosting, tailoring the application to fit your unique needs.
  • Information Accessibility: Ensure seamless and secure access to information from your chosen data sources with Khoj, providing a private and efficient information retrieval experience.

Khoj transcends the role of a mere AI copilot; it’s an extension of yourself. With its offline-first and open-source capabilities, Khoj offers versatility and customization. Seamlessly integrating into your life, Khoj enhances your functionality and productivity.

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