Jusi - Revolutionizing App and Website Development with AI

Explore Jusi, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to assist businesses in swiftly creating technical specifications for their apps or websites and identifying suitable performers on the web within minutes.

Pricing: Paid,$ 99
Semrush rank: 19.5m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Feb. 2023


  • Fast Technical Specification: Jusi rapidly generates a comprehensive technical specification for your app or website by deeply searching the best performers on the internet, requiring only a few clicks to get started.
  • Structured Features List: Benefit from Jusi’s technical specification crafted by an experienced product manager and structured by a highly-experienced business analyst, ensuring your project remains organized and efficient.
  • Simple, Fast, Rigorous BETA: Jusi gathers pricing, timeline, and other necessary details from selected development studios, presenting you with the top 20 most suitable candidates for your project in a simple, fast, and rigorous BETA.

Use Cases:

  • NoLimits Founder: Charlie Bell, as the founder of NoLimits, sought assistance in bringing his mobile application idea to life. Jusi quickly identified potential prospects within his budget range that aligned with both his technical and creative requirements.
  • Sleeper CEO: Wanda Lee, CEO of Sleeper, found relief in Jusi’s AI-generated terms of reference, eliminating the overwhelming task of translating her app idea into a tangible project. This allowed her to sit back and relax while the project was underway.
  • AI Consultant: Scarlett Jordan, an AI consultant and researcher, recognizes Jusi’s revolutionary idea as a potential game-changer in how we design products in the future.

Jusi stands as a fast, simple, and comprehensive tool, enabling businesses to bring their app or website ideas to life 3x faster and 2x cheaper. With AI-generated technical specifications and a curated list of suitable development studios, Jusi streamlines the development process.

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