Interviewsby.AI: AI-Powered Job Interview Practice

Elevate your interview preparation with Interviewsby.AI, an innovative AI-driven tool providing real-time feedback to enhance your chances of securing your dream job. Crafted questions, instant feedback, and sample responses, all tailored to your job description, make your preparation hyper-realistic and effective.

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Release time: May. 2023


  • AI-Generated Tailored Questions: Simply paste your job description to receive realistic questions meticulously designed for your role. The more detailed your job description, the more precisely the AI crafts interview questions to align with your prospective position.
  • Real-Time AI Feedback: Experience the real interview setting by recording your answers using the audio feature. Instant AI feedback and improved sample responses are provided to refine your performance and boost your confidence.
  • Free and Versatile Use: Interviewsby.AI is a free-to-use platform catering to various job roles. Whether you’re an intern, early-career applicant, or transitioning professional, this tool is versatile and accessible for all, supporting your interview preparation needs.
  • Safe Data Handling: Prioritizing privacy, Interviewsby.AI ensures the secure handling of your data. Audio files are promptly deleted after transcription, and usage data are anonymously tracked solely for the purpose of enhancing user experience.

Use Cases:

  • Mock Interview for Job Applicants: Job applicants can leverage Interviewsby.AI to practice and prepare for interviews, reducing anxiety and boosting their confidence when facing the real interview scenario.
  • Transitioning to a New Role: Individuals transitioning to a new role can benefit from the AI tool, generating potential interview questions and preparing well-thought-out responses for a seamless transition.
  • Interview Prep for Early-Career Roles: Interns and early-career professionals can utilize Interviewsby.AI to hone their interview skills in a risk-free environment, ensuring they stand out in their job applications.

Interviewsby.AI stands as a formidable ally for anyone gearing up for a job interview. Its AI-driven, hyper-realistic mock interviews, coupled with tailored questions and immediate feedback, offer a risk-free and beneficial resource for job seekers and career shifters alike. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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