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Insert ChatGPT: Craft Your Personalized AI Chatbot - GPT & Bard

Create your GPT chatbot effortlessly, utilizing existing data from documents, websites, and videos, all without the need for coding. Experience a free trial with no credit card required.

Pricing: Paid,$39
Semrush rank: 2.6m
Location: DATA REDACTED,France
Release time: Mar. 2023


  • White-Label & Theming: Eliminate branding on your chat widget, enabling full customization of the interface to align with your brand.
  • Cloud Training: Fine-tune the behavior and intelligence of your chat widget in real-time by providing your own data for optimal performance.
  • Access To Chat History: Take ownership of all the data collected through your chat widget, ensuring complete control over your customer interactions.
  • Window or Bubble: Tailor the appearance of your chat widget on your website with a fully customizable interface, choosing between a window or a bubble.
  • Latest OpenAI Model: Utilize the cutting-edge capabilities of the latest publicly available OpenAI model for superior natural language processing and customization.
  • Define GPT-3.5 Behavior: Personalize your chat widget’s behavior with pre-defined system prompts to execute specific tasks effortlessly.
  • Create Your Tools: Craft custom tools and integrations for your chat widget using personalized behavior prompts.
  • Multiple Existing Tools: Integrate various existing tools into your chat widget, including Ads writer, blog posts & articles writer, scripts generator, and reviews generator.
  • Bring Your API Keys: Maintain complete control over your data and usage by incorporating your own API keys.

Use Cases:

  • Instant Engagement: Embed your trained chatbot on your website as a window or a bubble for immediate engagement with your users.
  • Easy Integration: Upload your documents or add links effortlessly, seamlessly integrating your GPT chatbot into your website.
  • Customized Chatbot: Forge your own personalized chatbot with your brand and set the pre-defined behavior to match your unique requirements.

Building your AI chatbot with existing data and branding has never been more accessible than with GPT & Bard. Begin your free trial now!

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