ImageCreator: Revolutionize Your Art with a Photoshop Copilot

Discover ImageCreator, your trusted Photoshop copilot—a convenient and efficient Photoshop plugin designed for creating high-quality art using advanced Generative-AI models. No GPU required, easy to use, and free to download, it transforms your artistic endeavors with simplicity and precision.

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  • Generative-AI Plugin: Effortlessly create beautiful and professional art with just a few clicks. ImageCreator supports SDXL 1.0, providing a seamless integration of Generative-AI models into your Photoshop workflow.
  • Flexible Generation Methods: Choose from three versatile generation methods—TXT2IMG, IMG2IMG, and FILL—to meet different creative needs. ImageCreator offers maximum versatility for diverse artistic expressions.
  • ModelHub: Access a rich collection of stunning models directly within the plugin, including RPG Realistic Vision V2.0, MeinaMix, Rather Light&Shadow Diffusion, and more. Customize and apply these models to enhance your creative output.
  • Prompt Editing and ControlNet: Take control of your art with powerful functions such as positive and negative prompt input. ControlNet supports multiple control models and process settings, offering diverse styles and rich details for your creations.
  • User-friendly: Experience a hassle-free installation process with just a few clicks. ImageCreator is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Creative Cloud, ensuring a smooth integration into your design toolbox.

Use Cases:

  • Creative Projects: Unleash your creativity with diverse models and generation modes, creating unique art projects infused with the touch of AI. ImageCreator elevates your creative works to new heights.
  • Art Asset Creation: Effortlessly generate production-ready art assets using different models and parameters. Save time and enhance the quality of your art assets with the precision of AI.
  • Professional Design Works: Enhance your design process by generating intricate designs faster and more accurately using ImageCreator’s advanced Generative-AI models. Embrace the future of design with AI assistance.

ImageCreator is your efficient and convenient tool, seamlessly supporting your Photoshop mission. As a user-friendly plugin, it becomes an integral part of your design toolbox, unlocking the benefits of AI in your artistic journey. Elevate your art with ImageCreator!

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