HN Resume to Jobs: Tailored Job Searches Based on Your Resume

Experience a unique job search with HN Resume to Jobs, which identifies the most relevant job opportunities for you from Hacker News 'Who's Hiring' posts, all based on your resume.

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Release time: May. 2023


  • Tailored Job Search: HN Resume to Jobs precisely matches you with jobs from Hacker News ‘Who’s Hiring’ posts that align with the details in your resume, ensuring a personalized job search experience.
  • Multiple Month Jobs Listings: Explore job listings from every month, dating back to November 2022, providing you with a comprehensive view of available opportunities over time.
  • Easy Resume Upload: Effortlessly upload or drag and drop your resume in PDF format directly on the site, making the process of connecting with relevant jobs quick and convenient.

Use Cases:

  • Job Seeking: Whether actively seeking a job or considering a career switch, HN Resume to Jobs helps you discover the most relevant positions tailored to your resume.
  • Career Switching: For those contemplating a career switch, HN Resume to Jobs is the perfect tool to identify jobs aligned with your resume, facilitating a smooth transition.

Take the stress out of job searching with HN Resume to Jobs, where automated matching ensures you discover jobs from Hacker News ‘Who’s Hiring’ posts that best suit your skills and experience.

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