Hive AI

Hive AI: Advanced Content Understanding with AI Models

Integrate Hive AI's pre-trained models into your applications to achieve a profound understanding, efficient search, and dynamic content generation with the precision of human-level accuracy and the speed of machine-level efficiency.

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Location: San Francisco,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Visual Moderation: Exceptional moderation for images, videos, GIFs, and livestreams.
  • Text Moderation: Harness best-in-class deep learning models for effective moderation of text and text in images.
  • Audio Moderation: Real-time speech and sound moderation in audio, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Visual Context: Identify common objects, settings, and event types within videos and images for comprehensive content analysis.
  • OCR: Extract emojis and text in 15+ languages from videos and images, enhancing textual content understanding.
  • Speech-to-Text: Transcribe audio in real-time across multiple languages, transforming spoken words into text efficiently.
  • Demographic: Identify demographic attributes within videos and images for targeted content analysis.
  • Logo & Logo Location: Accurately identify thousands of logos and common logo locations within videos and images.
  • Translation: Translate text in real-time across multiple languages, facilitating global content understanding.
  • AI-Generated Content Classification: Identify AI-generated or modified images and text, ensuring content authenticity.
  • Platform AutoML: Build and deploy deep learning models for custom use cases with Hive AI’s AutoML capabilities.
  • Web Search: Efficiently find copies and variants of content against billions of public web images.
  • Custom Search: Configure and execute searches within a media library, finding copies and variants of content with ease.
  • Copyright Search: Identify copies and variants of movies, TV shows, and broadcasts, safeguarding intellectual property.
  • NFT Search: Verify NFT uniqueness against millions of assets on major blockchains, ensuring the exclusivity of digital assets.
  • Contextual Search: Conduct natural language searches on large image sets, enhancing contextual understanding.
  • Image Generation: Generate images using text prompts, unleashing creative possibilities.
  • Image Captioning: Generate image descriptions and ask questions about image details for enhanced content comprehension.
  • Text Generation: Generate high-quality writing for marketing copy, programming, and more with AI-powered text generation.
  • Video Generation: Generate videos using text prompts, adding a dynamic dimension to content creation.

Use Cases:

  • Protecting Creators and Collectors on NFT Platforms: Guard against scams and fraud, ensuring a secure environment for creators and collectors in the NFT space.
  • Enhanced Moderation and Verification on Marketplaces: Verify listings, enforce digital ownership, and moderate user interactions for a trustworthy marketplace experience.
  • Elevated User Experience on Dating Apps: Improve user verification and moderation, enhancing the overall experience on dating applications.
  • Real-Time Moderation on Online Communities: Efficiently screen user-generated visual, text, and audio content in real-time, maintaining a safe online community.
  • Streamlining Moderation Workflows with Moderation Dashboard: Optimize moderation workflows with the no-code Moderation Dashboard, simplifying content management.
  • Protecting Communities with Real-Time Moderation: Ensure community safety with real-time moderation of video, image, text, and audio content.
  • Building Custom AI Models with AutoML: Create and deploy custom deep learning models for specific use cases using Hive AI’s AutoML functionality.
  • Cross-Platform Advertising and Sponsorships for Brands: Measure, manage, and optimize cross-platform advertising and sponsorships for brand promotion.
  • Efficient Monetization for Publishers: Monetize advertising and sponsorship inventory efficiently for publishers.
  • Cross-Platform Advertising and Sponsorships for Agencies: Measure and manage cross-platform advertising and sponsorships for agencies.
  • Monetizing Sponsorship Asset Inventory for Teams and Leagues: Effectively monetize sponsorship asset inventory for teams and leagues.
  • Cross-Platform Sponsorship Measurement Platform: Utilize Hive’s AI to create a cross-platform sponsorship measurement platform.
  • Analyzing Cross-Platform Ad Intelligence with Mensio Platform: Analyze cross-platform ad intelligence with Hive’s Mensio platform.
  • Capitalize on Ad Inventory with Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety Analysis: Maximize advertising inventory by implementing contextual targeting and brand safety analysis.

Hive AI’s models offer unparalleled content understanding solutions for diverse applications and audiences, making it a leader in the AI-driven content processing landscape.

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